Under Pressure: Coping with Infertility

by | September 16th, 2010

Trying to conceive, waiting for the stick to turn blue, and enduring another failed cycle can take a toll on you as an individual and on your relationship as a couple. If the stress of infertility feels overwhelming, you are not alone. In fact, research indicates that woman dealing with infertility experience similar issues as those struggling with cancer, HIV, or other chronic conditions.

The following tips can help you handle the ups and downs of infertility:

• Acknowledge your feelings. Holding everything in will only make you feel worse. Confide your sadness, anger, and other emotions in someone you trust.
• Look for a support group. Talking with others who are facing similar issues can help you feel less isolated.
• Communicate with your partner. Resist the urge to shut each other out. Instead, make a conscious effort to share how you feel, and also find time for fun.
• Educate yourself. The more you know about infertility, the better prepared you will feel as you navigate your options for achieving parenthood.
• Develop other interests. Although it may seem like infertility consumes your whole life, spend time relaxing and participating in other activities, like hiking or reading, which you enjoy.
• Learn to relax. The mental and physical stress of infertility can take a toll. Find an outlet, like yoga or meditation, to help you cope.
• Seek help from a professional. Individual or couples therapy can give you another resource for dealing with the impact infertility is having on your life.

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