The Truth about Fertility and Age

by | November 28th, 2011

About six months ago, 41-year-old Mariah Carey gave birth to twins, a boy and girl. She recently gave an interview with Barbara Walters and showed off her beautiful children. Celebrity moms like Carey, Marcia Cross (twins at 44) and Salma Hayek (a daughter at 41) have made motherhood at an older age look glamorous and easily attainable. Unfortunately, basic biology tells a different story.

Unlike men, who replenish their sperm supply daily, women are born with a finite number of eggs. Female fertility peaks between ages 18 to 25. At 30 years old, a woman has a 20 percent chance of conceiving in a month. Once a woman reaches 40, her odds of getting pregnant each month drop to about five percent. Dr. Douglas, however, has the training and expertise to help you and your partner become parents.

Protecting Your Fertility

Although these numbers can seem disheartening, women do have options to achieve the families they desire. The following information will help you as you make decisions about your fertility:

Know your body

Even before you decide to start a family, you should have a complete physical exam. Ask your Ob-Gyn to check your hormones and look for any noticeable obstacles that could make conception difficult.

Know when to ask for help

If you have been trying to have a baby for a year and haven’t conceived, it’s time to visit a reproductive endocrinologist like Dr. James Douglas. Women over 35 should begin investigating their fertility after six months without success. Dr. Douglas can perform a complete fertility evaluation and look for causes of female or male infertility.

Know your options

Often, celebrity moms conceive thanks to the use of eggs from a younger female donor. If you are over 40 or have poor egg quality, Dr. Douglas may suggest exploring donor eggs as an option.

Knowledge is power. Understanding the truth about your fertility will enable you to plan for the future you desire.

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