Surviving the Holidays

by | November 27th, 2010

From trick-or-treaters at Halloween to relatives at Thanksgiving to holiday cards with happy families throughout December, this time of year can be especially difficult for couples dealing with infertility. When you are trying to have a baby, the holidays can make your struggle even harder. The following tips will help you take care of yourself during this stressful season:

  • Be honest.

If you and your partner can’t handle Thanksgiving Day with your sister and her two kids, let your family know it’s too much right now.

  • Put yourself first.

Trying to get pregnant takes a great deal of time and effort. Let yourself off the hook this year and don’t plan to say yes to every single holiday invitation that comes in the mail.

  • Lean on others.

If the Gerber babies on Santa’s lap at the mall cause you to burst into tears, make sure you have a confidant to call when you are having a rough time. Support groups are another great source of comfort because the people in them understand your perspective.

  • Give back.

Try to find a charity or local organization that needs help. Sometimes, focusing on other people and making their situation better can do a lot to boost your frame of mind.

  • Prepare yourself.

Although you can get out of some events, you probably won’t be able to avoid children or families the whole season, so planning for these situations can make it less uncomfortable for you. It’s also okay to take 10 minutes in the bathroom if you need a breather.

  • Go ahead and splurge.

Because the holidays can be especially taxing on couples who are trying to conceive, pamper yourselves just a little. Why not schedule a couple’s massage or weekend away at a bed and breakfast?

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