5 Steps to Take this Summer to Boost Your Fertility

by | August 7th, 2012

So much of fertility falls beyond your control. You time intercourse, wait two weeks and hope the reproductive system performs, and then roll the dice on another pregnancy test. Once you’ve tried for more than six months to get pregnant (if you are over 35), or a solid year if you’re younger, the number-one step you should take involves a phone call to a fertility specialist.

What You Can Do to Enhance Fertility

  1. Partner with a Reproductive Endocrinologist. Dr. James Douglas founded IVF Plano 20 years ago after completing fellowship training as a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE). An RE is a fertility specialist that pursued three or more additional years of training after becoming an obgyn.
  2. Quit Smoking. Male and female smokers harm their chances for getting pregnant, so Dr. Douglas recommends a smoking cessation plan. Research links cigarettes with an increased risk of tubal pregnancies, cervical cancer, pelvic infections and sperm production issues in men.
  3. Stay Cool, Guys. Sperm requires a “work environment” that is at least one degree cooler than average body temperature. Sperm is produced in the testes, so recurring activity that generates heat in that area can negatively impact male fertility. IVF Plano recommends that while trying to conceive, men avoid hot tubs, saunas, excessive laptop usage or job duties in high temperatures.
  4. Choose Fertility Foods. A diet rich in whole grains, sensible servings of whole-fat dairy, vegetables and fruits and plant protein will make you feel better in general, and can also help optimize fertility. Stay away from processed foods, refined flours and simple sugars.
  5. Maintain a Healthy Weight. Women, especially, should consult with their fertility doctor about the ideal weight for reproductive health. A body mass index that is too low or too high can interfere with the ovulatory process in women. Overweight and underweight men may find it hard to conceive, too.

Other controllable factors can impact your fertility, too.

These include stress, excessive alcohol consumption and pre-existing medical conditions. Dr. Douglas provides a full listing of common causes of infertility on his website, and can quickly move from diagnosis to fertility treatment.

Contact IVF Plano to schedule an appointment.

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