Should You Elect for Elective Egg Freezing?

by | August 7th, 2013

People Don’t Plan to Fail — They Fail to Plan

If you have ever set up a savings account or contributed to a retirement fund, then you appreciate the importance of planning ahead. Taking intelligent steps now can result in greater success down the road, not only in your finances or career but in creating your family. That’s why our team at IVF Plano is so happy to offer a remarkable new way for you to invest in your future fertility — elective egg freezing.

As Dr. Douglas explains, elective egg freezing is the process of harvesting eggs from a woman’s ovaries and freezing them for later implantation and fertilization. While fertility specialists have been able to freeze eggs since the 1980s, the technology has only now matured to the point that we can thaw them out with a reasonable success rate. That’s because we have shifted from the older, less successful slow-freezing technique to a new process known as vitrification. This dehydration and rapid-freezing process allows us to thaw more than 90 percent of the frozen eggs. And unlike many other clinics that can only freeze the eggs, we can actually nurture them toward the ultimate success — healthy births!


 Who Needs Elective Egg Freezing?

Elective egg freezing can prove invaluable if you are preparing to undergo chemotherapy or some other medical treatment that might harm your eggs. It also enables you to plan for a delayed pregnancy later in life. But that doesn’t mean that you should delay the procedure. Research indicates that eggs taken from women in their mid-30s or younger fare better than those taken from women in their 40s. If you feel that elective egg freezing is the right choice for you, contact IVF Plano today and let’s discuss it.


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