SART Report Is Good News for IVF Patients

by | March 25th, 2014

25265791_sThe Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) just posted its most recent statistical report on assisted reproductive technologies in the United States. The results of the 2012 study, which include all 379 SART member fertility clinics, including IVF Plano, have shown a progressive increase in the number of babies born from in vitro fertilization (IVF).

The study included fertility clinics performing 165,172 cycles or procedures involving IVF. The results: 61,740 babies, an increase of more than 2,000 infants as compared with 2011. With almost 4 million babies born in the year 2012, IVF babies now make up over 1.5 percent of all births.

Over the past decade, the number of IVF treatments performed has been steadily growing. Doctors performed about 113,000 cycles in 2003; 2012 showed an almost 50 percent increase. Looking back farther, there were less than 30,000 IVF infants born in 1998. Fourteen years later, in 2012, the number has more than doubled.

Subtracting from Multiple Birthrates with IVF

In more good news, the number of high-risk multiple births from IVF treatment has been slowly declining. There has been a clear reduction in triplets; in 2003, women between the ages of 35 and 40 had about a 6 percent chance of having triplets during a successful IVF procedure. Now the odds have dropped to less than 1 percent.

The decline in triplets is mainly attributed to the trend of using fewer embryos during each cycle. In the past, 3 or more embryos were transferred per cycle in an attempt to increase the odds of conception, especially in older woman.

Current research shows the transfer of additional embryos does not increase chances of becoming pregnant. Dr. Douglas routinely advises IVF patients to consider elective single embryo transfer eSET to avoid multiple births.

According to the SART report, the birthrate for IVF twins is also less than it was a decade ago. But the rate is still high, particularly for women under 40. About a quarter of all successful IVF cycles for women in this age group resulted in twins during 2012.

With success rates increasing and risks decreasing, IVF is more effective than ever. If you would like to partner with a fertility clinic with an established IVF program, contact us at IVF Plano.

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