Fertility Education Materials

Fertility Education: Videos and Materials to Prepare You

An infertility diagnosis can create stress for a couple, and we believe that education can help combat these feelings. Staying informed gives you some control over the process and provides necessary information so that you and your partner can feel confident while making decisions about your treatments.

We will do our absolute best to explain the processes involved in treating infertility, but as you learn more and begin to look for other sources of information, remember that not all sources will supply correct information. Although most people on the internet mean well, sometimes they transmit incorrect information, so we suggest avoiding blogs and chat rooms. We recommend that you stick to medically-based Web sites, and we have outlined some reputable resources to help you on your search.

Along the way, keep in mind that no two infertility situations are the same and not everything you read will apply to you and your partner.

Medication Injection Videos

As part of their commitment to fertility education, Freedom Fertility Pharmacy has produced educational videos to help our patients understand how to store, mix, and inject their fertility medications.

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