Turn to our North Dallas fertility center for direction and explanation

We understand that the journey to parenthood can seem long, so we offer patient resources to help you navigate your way through this challenging process. The team at IVF Plano will offer support and guidance every step of the way. Dr. James Douglas has practiced reproductive medicine as a board certified reproductive endocrinologist for more than two decades, and welcomes the opportunity to answer your questions.

The entire team at our North Dallas fertility center considers it a privilege to help prepare you to understand your options and feel confident in your decision-making.

Getting started at our North Dallas fertility center

The first step in deciding whether to enlist the help of our North Dallas fertility center is to define the disease of infertility. A woman who has not achieved a successful pregnancy after one calendar year is diagnosed with infertility. Because maternal age is a leading cause of infertility, women over the age of 35 who have tried for six months to get pregnant should see a fertility specialist.

Current and prospective patients are equipped with comprehensive resources while under our care at our North Dallas fertility center.

Educational resources
Your medical history may have already clarified the causes of infertility, and you will know which patient resources to review. One-third of all cases involve both male and female causes of infertility, so you will have a broader review of educational materials and FAQs. Of course, in addition to this website and printed materials in our North Dallas fertility center, Dr. Douglas will answer your questions and provide helpful information about infertility causes and treatments during your new patient consultation.

Financial resources
In our North Dallas fertility center, we also provide fertility financing information to help you better afford the cost of IVF and advanced fertility treatment options. Ask us about fertility drug discount programs that may be available to you. Our patient advocates are experienced in explaining insurance benefits to help you maximize your coverage and navigate the claims process.

Out-of-town patient resources
The success of our fertility treatment program attracts visitors from across Texas, other US states as well as other countries. To help these men and women maximize their time and minimize stress, we offer assistance in coordinating care with their home physicians and suggestions for airport transfers and accommodations convenient to our North Dallas fertility center.

Emotional resources
The stress of undergoing fertility treatment has been compared to that of patients facing cancer treatment. We cannot overstate the importance of establishing a solid support system during the fertility treatment process. IVF Plano can provide a list of local support groups and therapists who specialize in counseling men and women having difficulties trying to get pregnant or dealing with recurrent miscarriage.

Knowing what to expect as you delve into fertility treatment may seem overwhelming, but Dr. Douglas strongly feels that his medical specialty, reproductive medicine, offers hope and innovative solutions like never before. Contact our North Dallas fertility center to arrange for a consultation or to inquire about patient resources that address your concern or diagnosis.

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