Age and Fertility: It Affects Males, Too

by | October 15th, 2013


We all love inspiring stories about older celebrities such as Rod Stewart or Tony Randall who became dads late in life. But these happy stories make the news headlines partly because they’re not all that commonplace. Believe it or not, men have a ticking biological clock just like women do — and the longer you wait, the more trouble you may have starting your family.

Father Time vs. Fatherhood

 A recent Daily Mail article points to several studies indicating that sperm production slows down and sperm levels naturally tend to drop over time, with male fertility levels plummeting around middle age.

The American Association for Reproductive Medicine, holding its annual ASRM meeting and conference this week in Boston, notes that male factor infertility can stem in part from naturally-occurring changes in the testes and in the sperm’s motility.

Age can also bring disease, and health problems can affect everything from erectile function to sperm quality. But reduced pregnancy chances aren’t the only concern; older reproductive systems also tend to generate a higher ratio of genetic errors into the sperm cells they produce.

An Icelandic study found that older fathers are more likely to produce children with autism or schizophrenia. Elevated risks of heart disease and epilepsy have also been noted in kids with older dads.

Options for Optimizing Male Conception

What can you do to beat Father Time at his own game? For starters, IVF Plano and Dr. James Douglas can help conception along through the use of advanced modern techniques such as intrauterine conception to in vitro fertilization. Both of these methods enable us to pick out the most viable-looking sperm cells for fertilization of the egg.For extreme cases of male infertility, we can employ a revolutionary technique called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

Male Fertility Boosters

Boost your odds for conceiving the natural way while you’re still reasonably young with these tips from Dr. Douglas:

  • Eat right
  • Steer clear of smoking cigarettes
  • Avoid excessive drinking and illegal drugs
  • Nix sauna and hot tub use
  • Cautiously avoid environmental toxins
  • Do not take treatments for Low T

Contact us today and let’s go over your options for enhancing male fertility.





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