Over-the-Counter Fertility Tests

by | May 20th, 2014

Money Matters: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Over-the-Counter Fertility Tests

11107422_sIn today’s modern world, you can purchase almost anything at the local drug store, including glucose monitors, cholesterol screenings and even fertility tests. Although you may be tempted to use these tools to monitor your fertility, you need to be aware of the effectiveness of these products. Dr. James Douglas and the team at IVF Plano want to make sure you have all the facts about over-the-counter fertility tests.

Over-the-Counter Fertility Tests for Women

For years, ovulation prediction kits have lined store shelves. Designed to indicate peak fertility, these products measure the presence of LH, luteinizing hormone, in your urine. Usually, LH surges just before ovulation. These kits often come with a set of test strips that you can use for several days in a row. Ideally, the strip will turn positive when the LH levels spike, indicating the optimal window for conception.

Over-the-Counter Fertility Tests for Men

Recently, home sperm tests have hit the market. Your partner provides a sample in the collection cup and the test is supposed to confirm whether or not the user has a normal sperm count. The results are available in 7 to 10 minutes.

How Professional Fertility Screenings Work

Although at-home fertility tests can provide basic information, they don’t offer the in-depth details provided by a fertility evaluation through a reproductive endocrinologist like Dr. Douglas. With a full work-up, Dr. Douglas can:

  • Check all hormone levels with higher-level analysis and targeted blood work.
  • Perform sonograms to rule out physical abnormalities.
  • Order a semen analysis to identify potential male factor infertility.

Over-the-counter fertility tests only offer a small snapshot of your fertility. To increase the odds of conception, you need to have the complete picture.

For individuals and couples trying to get pregnant, it is important to make wise decisions about evaluating your fertility. Over-the-counter fertility tests can only give you basic information. Contact our Dallas area fertility center to schedule a consultation with Dr. Douglas and review your options for a full fertility evaluation.

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