Out of Work: Endometriosis Impacts Performance According to New Study

by | September 27th, 2010

Women who suffer from endometriosis experience a significant loss of productivity at work, says a University of Oxford study released this June. These findings showed that women with endometriosis, a condition where endometrial tissue found outside the uterus causes pain and fertility issues, were 38 percent less productive than those without this problem. An estimated 176 million women worldwide suffer from endometriosis.

To conduct this research, Dr Kelechi Nnoaham and his colleagues interviewed 1418 women ages 18 to 45 in ten different countries. This study also discovered that endometriosis reduced quality of life and that the severity of the symptoms did not necessarily mirror the level of disease the women developed. For these women, endometriosis impacted their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Because the condition affects women in the prime of their life, it can be particularly devastating.

If you suspect endometriosis, contact your doctor and schedule a full evaluation. Many women with endometriosis experience few symptoms. Often, the exact cause of endometriosis is unknown. Common signs of this condition can include pain, irregular bleeding, and infertility. In fact, endometriosis is a leading cause of fertility problems in women of childbearing age. To confirm the diagnosis, your doctor will likely recommend laparoscopic surgery, which allows for an inspection of the abdomen and pelvic area.

Don’t let this stealthy condition impact your quality of life, steal your fertility or even sabotage your career. For more information or to make an appointment with Dr. Douglas, call our office.

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