Mother’s Day Promise: Freezing Eggs for Your Future Family

by | May 10th, 2014

Your eggs are precious. They have the potential to hold life as well as your hopes and dreams of becoming a mother. But what if the time for motherhood is not right for you? Egg freezing provides a highly effective option if you want to put your plans for a future family on ice for a few years. Dr. James Douglas, a board certified fertility specialist at IVF Plano, can help you make this complex decision an easy process, and preserve your wish to celebrate Mother’s Day a few years later.

Freeze Eggs until Mother Nature and Father Time Agree

SONY DSCIf you are a healthy female in your 20s or early 30s, your body is in prime condition for parenthood. Many young couples begin their families at this age because Mother Nature provides the optimal conditions with a ready supply of high-quality eggs.

But even though Mother Nature may be ready, Father Time often has other plans. There are hundreds of factors that influence whether you are ready to be a mom – a loving mother who is emotionally and financially ready to take on the responsibilities of nurturing another life – the kind of mother that you know in your heart that you will become.

Finding the right partner, establishing a career or having medical procedures pending are just a few of the reasons to delay parenthood.

Facing Reality with Egg Freezing

Mothers have to make tough decisions. The process of egg freezing is actually easier than dealing with the emotions surrounding your decision to proceed. But once made, egg freezing can provide peace of mind.

After undergoing a series of hormone injections to optimize your production of eggs, you will have them removed in a simple office procedure under light sedation at our Dallas area fertility clinic. Dr. Douglas, a board-certified fertility specialist, along with the experienced embryologists and staff at IVF Plano, will cryopreserve eggs using new technology to quickly freeze your oocytes (eggs) using the vitrification process. This highly successful technique removes water before egg freezing, preventing damage to the egg from expanding ice crystals. Dr. Douglas will store your frozen eggs until you are ready to become a mom.

This year, celebrate Mother’s Day on your own terms. Mark the occasion by finding out more about freezing eggs and preserve your dreams for your future family. Contact us to schedule an appointment at IVF Plano.

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