Our Plano fertility center advises patients as they manage the cost of IVF

IVF Plano prides itself in providing men and women high quality, cost effective fertility treatments to start or add to their families. When Dr. James Douglas determines that in vitro fertilization, IVF, will be the best course of action, we will discuss both the effectiveness and cost of the advanced reproductive technology.

  • Our IVF program, located at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano, has earned a reputation for excellence with a long track record of exceptionally high pregnancy rates.
  • The cost of IVF varies from patient to patient due to the amount of medication needed to generate an ample supply of eggs.

Variables that may affect the cost of IVF

IVF pregnancy rates have improved over the decades, with specialized lab techniques available now to enhance your chances for success. For example, some male patients will need ICSI, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, if there is a problem with sperm count or function. When a cycle requires cryopreservation, embryo freezing can impact the cost of IVF.

Many patients, including those with unexplained infertility, a family history of inheritable disease or women of advanced maternal age, benefit from preimplantation genetic tests. Our experienced Plano fertility center team will explain the ancillary services that you may take advantage of during an IVF treatment.

Anticipating the cost of IVF

There are standard procedures included in all IVF cycles. With the exception of fertility preservation, this process will always include:

  1. Ovarian stimulation with fertility medications. If insurance does not cover these injections, they can add to the cost of IVF depending on the patient’s ovarian reserve. While on these injections, sonograms and blood tests are needed to determine when the eggs are ready to be removed. These are billed to your insurance since they are diagnostic tests and are generally covered.
  2. Transvaginal egg collection and semen collection
  3. Growing the embryos in the IVF lab in embryo culture (fertilization)
  4. Embryo transfer

Once a plan is devised for each patient, we will present a much closer estimate of the cost of IVF.  Our Plano fertility center business office can help you arrange financing if this is needed.

Contact IVF Plano or please call our office at (972) 612-2500 to inquire about the process for IVF and the breakdown of services typically not covered by insurance.