IVF Treatment Process

From beginning to end, the IVF treatment process takes about 6 weeks to complete a cycle and follows a specific sequence of events which has been outlined below. Although many patients will have similar cycles it is important to understand that no two patients, or even cycles with the same patient will have similar patterns or results. Each cycle a couple completes can be very different in process and outcome. Dr. Douglas will continually monitor all stages of IVF cycle for progress and to ensure a successful cycle.

With IVF, there are six consecutive steps:

  1. Growth of the oocyte
  2. Retrieval of the oocyte
  3. Collection and preparation of the sperm
  4. Fertilization and growth of the embryo in the IVF lab
  5. Embryo transfer and support
  6. Pregnancy support

After all stages are completed in the IVF process, the last stage is embryo storage, or cryopreservation of additional embryos.