IVF Plano offers advice for helping your partner cope with Father’s Day

by | June 11th, 2014

When you are dealing with infertility, the holidays can feel difficult to handle. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day may be particularly challenging. Often, women receive support because friends and family assume infertility is a female problem. In about one-third of cases, however, male factor infertility impacts a couple’s ability to conceive.

4 tips for surviving Father’s Day

iStock_000006450163Large (1)Dr. James Douglas and the team at IVF Plano understand that Father’s Day may be particularly hard for your partner, so we have some suggestions for making it easier on both of you:

Give him the opportunity to share
Because men are seen as strong and unemotional, your partner may feel like he can’t express his feelings about the situation. Let your partner know that you are available to listen to anything he wants to discuss.

Share what you love about him
Being a father is only one component of an individual. Take this opportunity to make a list and then let your partner know all the positive traits you admire about him.

Make it his day
Even though you don’t have a child yet, use Father’s Day as a chance to celebrate your partner anyway. Choose an activity he loves and go do it together. Plan a campout, take in a baseball game or go fishing.

Be grateful for each other
When you can’t get pregnant, it is easy to focus on the baby you don’t have. Remember that you still have a happy, successful relationship with someone that you enjoy, respect and love.

Find an answer for your infertility struggles

Trying to get pregnant and not achieving success can create frustration and disappointment. Holidays like Father’s Day only make those feeling worse. Call our fertility office to schedule a consultation. Dr. Douglas will work to identify the issues hindering your ability to conceive, and assist you in achieving your dreams of parenthood.

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