Infertility and Depression

by | February 28th, 2012

Wanting a baby but having trouble conceiving may cause feelings of stress and frustration. Often, infertility takes an emotional toll on couples, both together and individually. The poking, prodding, and failed treatments frequently lead to uneasiness and depression. Dr. Douglas and the team at IVF Plano want to offer you the support that you need as you travel the path to parenthood.

Dealing with the Depression Caused by Infertility

If you are struggling with the disappointment and sadness that infertility can create, it may help to find strategies for coping with your depression. Consider the following tips:

Lean on each other

Remember, that you and your partner are in this together. Talk about how you feel and let your partner offer support. Be available to listen to your partner’s feelings as well.

Focus on the good

The struggle to have a baby can spill over to all areas of your life and make you feel discouraged about your situation. When you remember the positives, like your partner, job, or friendships, it may give you much needed perspective.

Take time for yourself

To cope with infertility, you may want to invest your energy in hobbies you love such as reading, spiritual practices like mediation or journaling, and renewal activities like yoga.

Seek support from others

You may feel like no one understands your pain, but reaching out can help remind you that you aren’t alone. Support groups like RESOLVE offer you the chance to talk with other couples who have similar struggles and share your stories.

Infertility can create emotional stress in your life, but you can find ways to make it through the depression. We want to help you navigate these difficult waters and ultimately end the journey with a healthy baby.

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