Home Insemination: Do Not Try This at Home

by | March 26th, 2013

Capture1-150x150Some couples and single women are curious about at-home insemination. You may be concerned about the cost of IUI or unenthused bout the clinical aspects of in-office  intrauterine insemination. Dr. James Douglas, an expert IUI and IVF doctor in Plano, Texas, wants us to understand the serious disadvantages of home insemination.

The margin of error for home insemination is high.

The common tool that comes to mind when you say “home insemination” is a turkey baster. If you’ve ever basted a turkey, you understand the tool’s limitations. It’s large, it’s clumsy, and it often leaks. Some websites mention using syringes instead, but this type of insemination is not ideal. Experts say the success rate of home insemination is no higher than if the couple performed regular intercourse.

The artificial insemination process in a home setting may not be sterile.

Inserting foreign objects into your body can invite infection. Odds are you’ll know if your partner has an STD or sexually transmitted disease, but some women employ close friends for sperm donation without going through sperm banks. The use of fresh sperm compared to sperm from a sperm bank comes with the risk of spreading STDs.

You need sperm washing.

When a fertility specialist conducts intrauterine insemination, andrologists first wash, select and prepare sperm for transfer directly to the uterus to optimize success. Using unwashed sperm or poorly prepared sperm can lead to cramping of the uterus and severely impact the chance for pregnancy.

Donor sperm laws are complicated.

Legal issues also confuse matters. Men who donate sperm through an agency forfeit their legal parental rights, but if you ask a friend for sperm at home and you complete conception, that donor is legally the baby’s father.

The Bottom Line: You need a fertility specialist.

When it comes down to it, conception isn’t a light matter. You want the best for your body, so your future baby can enjoy optimum health during pregnancy and after birth. Fertility Offices like Dr. Douglas’s Plano IVF clinic ensure patients are receiving the best care, and patients are closely monitored for health issues. Success rates of conception are much higher with professionals than with home insemination. In a professional IVF clinic, you can trust the team puts strong emphasis on providing a sterile environment so you and your baby are safe. IVF clinics are also more efficient with sperm samples.

If you can’t conceive with natural intercourse, your best option is to consult a fertility specialist.


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