Hearts, Flowers and Infertility: Make the Most of Valentine’s Day

by | February 12th, 2014

SONY DSCWhen you are trying to get pregnant, the holidays can be tough. The family parties, baby pictures and focus on children can make your struggle to conceive feel even more pronounced. While Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to center around families, Valentine’s Day is a holiday made just for couples.

Follow these helpful tips to take the emphasis off infertility, at least for one night:

Be spontaneous
For couples seeking infertility treatment, the endless blood tests, sonograms and timed cycles can cause you to feel like your life is on a never-ending schedule. Take the opportunity to throw caution to the wind and do whatever you want for Valentine’s Day. Go to the theater in Dallas, plan a weekend getaway, schedule a couple’s massage or treat yourselves to an expensive dinner close to home in Plano. You deserve it!

Celebrate each other
Although trying to have a baby may be your current focus, use Valentine’s Day as a chance to reconnect and remember what you enjoy about your partner. Reminiscing about how you met or even visiting an old hangout will remind you of the other things you have in common besides baby making.

Curb the baby talk
For at least one evening, agree that all references to pregnancy, infertility and babies are off limits. You have the other 364 days of the year to plan, discuss and worry about starting a family, so just spend Valentine’s Day being together.

Re-think intimacy
At this point, you may have become conditioned to thinking about intercourse as just a means to an end, with a successful pregnancy as the only goal. Put the romance back into sex by buying some lingerie, lighting candles and letting yourselves remember how fun this part of your relationship can be.

Wanting a child and struggling with infertility can lead to frustration, disappointment and added stress, especially around the holidays. Use Valentine’s Day as a chance to re-energize your relationship and recommit to supporting each other during this difficult process.

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