The Growing Interest in Growth Hormone for Poor Responders

by | December 18th, 2012

If you have been termed a ‘poor responder’ after a cycle of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) or ovulation induction, you may start to consider a plan B for getting pregnant. Dr. James Douglas, IVF Plano’s fertility specialist, will explain the benefits of donor eggs, adjusting gonadotropin dosages and adding growth hormone to maximize success with future IVF cycles.

What constitutes a poor response? A combination of factors contribute to the infertility diagnosis. For example, you may produce fewer than four eggs in a stimulation cycle. Dr. Douglas will use that fact as one piece of the puzzle.

Dr. James Douglas’ Clinical Checklist for Poor Responders

  1. The patient requires a larger dose of stimulation medication.
  2. She does not produce enough eggs, even with gonadotropin therapy.
  3. Fertility testing shows poor ovarian reserve.
  4. She has passed her 38th birthday.
  5. Unfortunately, the patient experienced failed or canceled IVF cycles.

Responding to a Poor Responder Diagnosis

Fertility blood tests like AMH (anti-mullerian hormone), sonograms, FSH levels and antral follicle counts will bring to light predicted responses that Dr. Douglas can proactively address during infertility treatment. A tweak in stimulation protocols can improve outcomes for poor responders.

One fertility treatment option attracting renewed attention in the field of reproductive endocrinology involves the use of human growth hormones (HGH). This hormone has been shown to enhance ovarian response to gonadotropins, and to aid in egg maturation and quality in women of advanced maternal age.

Pairing Growth Hormones with IVF

The benefits of growth hormones to improve egg quality were first reported 20 years ago, and studies continue to investigate viable applications in reproductive medicine. Dr. Douglas may suggest supplementing well-known fertility drugs with growth hormones during IVF, but only after first-line protocols have failed to result in a pregnancy.

If you have questions about growth hormones and their impact on egg quality, contact IVF Plano for an appointment with Dr. Douglas. IVF Plano reports nationally ranked IVF success rates, and combines time-tested methodologies with innovative research findings.


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