Championing the Cause: Dr. James Douglas Lends Support to Fertility Tax Credit Bill

by | April 17th, 2012

Championing the Cause Dr. James Douglas Lends Support to Fertility Tax Credit BillPlano, Texas – April 17, 2012 – As the April 15th deadline for filing taxes passed, most Americans likely breathed a sigh of relief.  New tax codes and changes in deductions add to the stress of filing as people try to maximize their refunds or minimize their payments. Next year, Dr. Jim Douglas, a reproductive endocrinologist at IVF Plano, helps to ease the tax burden of infertile couples with his support of a fertility tax credit bill up for confirmation in Congress.

“Just as the adoption credit provides a break for people adding to their families through adoption, this new legislation would offer similar assistance to individuals and couples who need infertility treatment to become parents,” Douglas said.

Essentially, this new credit, the Family Act 2011, would provide a $13,360 fertility treatment tax credit. Currently, the adoption tax credit is $13,000 per adopted child. National infertility groups such as RESOLVE support these efforts.

Douglas explained the importance of this bill. “Many insurance plans fail to cover fertility treatments, so a fertility tax credit would help offset the costs of intrauterine insemination (IUI), in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and other therapies.”

This proposed legislation would provide eligible taxpayers with a tax credit of 50 percent of qualified infertility treatment expenses incurred during the taxable year. The Family Act 2011 would include expenses related to IVF as well as treatments to preserve fertility in advance of medical procedures, such as cancer treatment, which may impact fertility; the credit would be capped at $13,360 per year.

As part of his efforts, Dr. Douglas reached out to Senators Kay Bailey Hutchinson and John Cornyn.  He is also encouraging his staff and patients to contact their senators and representatives to support the bill. For convenience, the IVF Plano web site ( or the IVF Plano Facebook page have provided a link for letter writing.

“By contacting our representatives in Congress, we are taking a stand and letting our elected officials know that this tax credit could help many Americans have the families they desire,” Dr. Douglas said.

Approximately one of eight couples – or over 7.3 million Americans – experience male or female infertility. With leading-edge treatments, including egg preservation, IVF and ICSI, Dr. Douglas has helped address infertility issues for his Plano area patients.

“We don’t want finances to make it difficult for couples, or individuals, to become parents. The Family Act 2011 will provide additional resources to make necessary infertility treatments possible.”

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