Presenting Some Summer Fertility Blockbusters!

by | August 13th, 2013

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Summer is the traditional season for Hollywood blockbusters — those jaw-dropping experiences everyone looks forward to. Well, here at IVF Plano we’re getting into the spirit of things by pointing our patients to some pretty exciting “fertility blockbusters” of our own:

Don & Kim’s Story: PCOS & Infertility” – In one of our many success stories, Don and Kim describe how Dr. Douglas achieved what other specialists could not, helping the couple overcome PCOS to produce three children — including a pair of twins.

Vickers & Dan’s Story: Fertility After 40” – This couple decided to start a family later in life, only to discover that both of them had “low numbers” representing some significant fertility challenges. They describe how Dr. Douglas’s combination of enthusiasm and expertise helped them stay positive and get results.

Charae & Rodney’s Story: Male Factor Infertility HD” – Charae talks about how she and Rodney won their successful battle against male factor infertility with the aid of embryo freezing, progesterone therapy, and the many research resources Dr. Douglas recommended to help them make more informed decisions about their treatment.

Ovulation Induction – Clomid & Injectable Fertility Medication” – Dr. Douglas explains two basic methods of inducing ovulation. The older method, a pill called Clomid, has helped millions of women conceive; newer, injectable medications are even more effective but have certain disadvantages.

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You But that’s just the tip of the iceberg; check out our YouTube channel for more inspiring, informative videos that might answer those questions you already have, and even some you hadn’t thought of yet. If you’re ready to create your own feel-good movie of the year, contact IVF Plano today. Let’s discuss how our skilled team can help you create something way more amazing than any Oscar-winning epic!


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