A Back-to-School Primer on Fertility

by | August 14th, 2012

Hoping to get pregnant? You may not have to shop for back-to-school supplies just yet, but IVF Plano wants you to make a list just the same. If you are preparing to undergo fertility treatment, don’t be surprised if Dr. James Douglas and his fertility nurses give you a little homework, too.

What you should know about fertility treatment and testing

  • Just like school registration, you’ll fill out plenty of paperwork before an initial visit to a fertility clinic. It helps to spend time at home completing online forms, and calling your insurance company to verify coverage. Your obgyn or primary care physician can help you compile a thorough health history.
  • and Q&A sessions with Dr. Douglas. Visit a trusted source, like the IVF Plano website, for an overview of infertility treatment options and resources.
  • Shop for a folder to keep track of your fertility treatment plan, costs of fertility and informational sheets that Dr. Douglas provides. Chronicle your fertility journey in a journal or spiral notebook to relieve stress and record your thoughts. No fertility patient can function without a calendar (e-calendars are great because they can send you reminders when it’s time for appointments or medication).
  • Mom had it right when she advised you to get plenty of rest, minimize stress and eat a healthful diet before starting your first big day. Wellness impacts fertility, so take care of yourself now and throughout treatment.

If you are ready to start fertility testing, contact a fertility specialist first. Dr. Douglas extended his own academic career well beyond medical school to attend Ohio State University, where he was awarded a fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology. He wants to help you send your first baby to Kindergarten five years from now!

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