First Fertility Visit

Your First Fertility Visit with Dr. James Douglas

756101If you have tried to get pregnant and haven’t succeeded, the first step in having the stick turn blue will be an initial consultation with a fertility specialist, or reproductive endocrinologist (RE). After studying obstetrics and gynecology, REs receive advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. James Douglas has helped hundreds of couples build or expand their families.

Timing is critical when it comes to fertility treatment

After 12 months of attempting to conceive (six months if you are over 35), you should make an appointment with Dr. Douglas. This first consultation will allow Dr. Douglas to gather relevant information, learn more about your efforts to get pregnant and discuss the next steps.

What to expect from your visit with a fertility specialist

Plan about an hour and a half for the initial appointment. Prior to this appointment, contact your insurance company to verify benefits for infertility treatment. Our financial coordinator will want to make a copy of your insurance card for our records. We will also provide information about costs of treatment and financing, which will allow you to start planning for your infertility expenses.

We want to maximize the results from this visit and ensure that the appointment is productive for our patients and Dr. Douglas.

Remember to bring to your first fertility visit:

  • Completed new patient paperwork
  • Existing records from previous treatment
  • Any relevant test results
  • Details about your cycles and past attempts to conceive

Talking with Dr. James Douglas

To effectively address any barriers to conception, Dr. Douglas will need to gather detailed information about you and your partner. Both partners should attend this appointment. During the appointment, Dr. Douglas will ask questions and conduct a thorough medical interview. Creating a complete fertility history is important so that Dr. Douglas doesn’t repeat failed therapies and waste valuable time. This visit may include a physical exam of the pelvic organs and uterus, as well as an ultrasound, if the patient is ready to proceed with treatment.

Putting your mind at ease

An important component of this appointment is answering all your questions and acknowledging your concerns. Dr. Douglas understands that couples experiencing infertility often feel frustrated and discouraged. He will take time to provide accurate information about the causes of your infertility and the potential treatments, which may include medication for ovulation induction, intrauterine insemination (IUI) and/or in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

Going forward after your first fertility visit

When you leave the initial visit, Dr. Douglas wants to make sure that you understand your options and feel comfortable with the next steps. He will discuss reasonable goals and design a fertility plan that will ultimately help you achieve a successful pregnancy. Although you may face a difficult journey, Dr. Douglas and the team at IVF Plano will walk with you, offering guidance and support each step of the way. Contact our office to schedule your first appointment.