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by | November 19th, 2013

Thanksgiving Day is a time to celebrate the family, which is probably why the Surgeon General’s Office has named it National Family Health History Day. Families across the U.S. are encouraged to put together a written record of their health history. In this spirit, Dr. James Douglas encourages couples concerned about their family health histories to consider PGS, preimplantation genetic screening.

How Does PGS Work?

CaptureIVF Plano embryologists take 1 cell from an eight cell embryo created through in vitro fertilization and examine the genetic material for abnormalities that might indicate congenital illnesses or defects. The technique offers the following benefits:

  • PGS makes biological conception possible. Before PGS testing came along, couples with known genetic factors for birth defects or other conditions had to rely on adoption or surrogacy, meaning that the child would not carry both (or either) parent’s genes. PGS testing frees you to take the chance of conceiving your own child when you might otherwise be afraid to try.
  • All decisions are made before implantation. Since PGS testing takes place before the embryo is implanted in the womb, you won’t have as much need later on for the amniocentesis procedures that would normally be employed to look for potential birth defects.
  • You’ll know you can support your child. Treatment for birth defects can severely drain a family’s finances, and this prospect can push younger or cash-poor couples toward a life of childlessness. PGS testing gives you the knowledge you need to make the responsible choice as a couple.

Want to learn more about the pros and cons of PGS, preimplantation genetic screening? Contact your friends at IVFPlano today.

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