Oocyte (Egg) Donation: A Fertility Treatment Option For You?

by | February 19th, 2013

Donor eggs offset the trend toward more couples waiting to start a family.  The Journal of Pediatrics recently published a report showing that birth rates have decreased for women in their 20s, but increased by 3 percent for women between 35 and 39 years old, and by 1 percent for women in their early 40s.

IVF Plano fertility specialist Dr. James Douglas reminds you that regardless of the reasons – economy, education or career – waiting for a family can bring about many hurdles later.

Maternal Age and Infertility

Fertility begins to diminish after age 35. Women are born with a finite number of eggs, and as a woman ages, the number and quality of her eggs diminish.  After the age of 40, 90 percent of eggs can have genetic abnormalities.

For many couples, donor oocytes (eggs) may be the fertility treatment that results in a child of their own. 

 When couples wait to begin their family, cautions Dr. Douglas, they may have infertility issues due to diminished egg quantity and quality.  If so, one infertility treatment to consider is oocyte, or egg, donor with in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

How a Donor Egg Cycle Works

With donor egg IVF, a thoroughly screened egg donor undergoes a treatment of fertility drugs overseen by the specialists at IVF Plano.  From that, the mature eggs are surgically removed from the donor and fertilized with sperm from the intended parent.  Dr. Douglas will then transfer the resulting embryo into the patient.

The donor egg IVF cycle can produce successful results for infertile couples; and in most patients undergoing donor egg IVF, a positive pregnancy test can be achieved as early as 11 days after the embryo transfer.

To learn if oocyte (egg) donor IVF is a recommended fertility treatment for you or to schedule a consultation with Dr. James Douglas, contact us at IVF Plano.

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