Donor Embryos

Using Donor Embryos

Using adopted donor embryos is an alternative therapy for those couples who have financial difficulties when facing the need for IVF procedures. Using adopted embryos can represent a viable and less costly option, but will not provide a direct genetic link to either parent.

After completing successful IVF cycles, many couples may have extra frozen embryos that remain in laboratory cold storage. Deciding what to do with these additional embryos can represent a difficult decision for couples who have completed their family. Embryo donation provides a positive alternative to discarding embryos or having them remain in storage indefinitely.

Adopting or using an embryo can be a rewarding, successful experience for patients and their partners. Please schedule an appointment to discuss your options with Dr Douglas so that IVF Plano can help you achieve the best possible outcome. Remember that:

  • Adopted embryos should come from couples where the woman was less than 35 at the time of cryopreservation and the embryos have been frozen for less than 8 years.
  • Donating couples should have received an initial infectious disease screening as well as an additional screening when the embryos are released for adoption.
  • The adopting couple, as well as the donating couple, should seek legal adoption advice and create the proper documents before the transfer of the embryo(s).

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