Who Needs Donor Eggs and Donor Sperm?

When to Use Donor Eggs or Sperm to Increase the Odds of Getting Pregnant

Deciding to use donor gametes is a very personal decision; for some couples, the choice is an easy one, for others it can become a long, soul searching process. Dr. Douglas and the staff at IVF Plano will help you with this decision by providing the technical information that you will need as well as a friendly, supportive ear.

We usually begin to discuss using donor gametes with couples who fall into certain diagnosis types. Although the following list is in no way complete, we find that the use of donor gametes in these cases can significantly increase the odds of a term pregnancy.

Candidates for using donor eggs or sperm may include:

  • Couples who have had previous failed IVF cycles
  • Couples who have responded poorly to fertility medications
  • Couples with a known history of inheritable genetic diseases
  • Couples with non- functional or very low sperm counts
  • Single woman or same-sex couples
  • Women who have entered menopause or are undergoing premature menopause
  • Women who have had their ovaries surgically removed
  • Women with premature ovarian failure
  • Women with poor egg quality or diminished ovarian reserve

Benefits of Donor Eggs or Sperm

For some couples who have been unable to conceive, donor eggs or sperm can provide an effective infertility treatment option and enable these couples to begin or expand their families. Using donor gametes can allow a couple the experience of carrying a pregnancy, providing a direct genetic connection to the baby by one parent, while still increasing the odds for a successful pregnancy.

Egg Donation Success Rates

In 2007, national statistics for all clinics show that IVF with donor eggs had live birth rates of 55 percent. Presbyterian Hospital ARTS Program maintains high egg donation success rates, which has made us one of the most reputable fertility centers in the nation. Dr. Douglas and IVF Plano have a 67 percent live pregnancy rate using donor eggs.

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