Choose Egg Donor Agencies

Choose Egg Donor Agencies or Sperm Agencies with Care

Many patients wonder how to select a donor and what traits to consider. In actuality, the answer varies. Some couples want a potential child to have physical characteristics similar to their own. For others, educational or common interests take precedence. In many cases, especially for those couples facing inheritable family diseases, the medical and genetic history of the donor is the most important factor.

We work with various reputable egg donor agencies so that patients can choose from a wide selection of anonymous potential egg donors. Or if couples prefer, they can use a known donor for the procedure. IVF Plano can help in the process as you choose egg donor agencies or sperm donor agencies.

Egg Donor Agencies

SSA Donor Agency
Contact Kathy Stern

Fertility SOURCE Companies
Contact Staci Padilla
Phone: 877-375-8888 ext 312

Fertility Resources
Contact Wendy Froman

Donor Sperm Agencies

California Cryobank
11915 La Grange Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Ph (866) 927-9622 or (310) 443-5244