Donor Services

IVF Plano Egg Donor Services for the Dallas – Fort Worth Area

In certain cases, donor egg or donor sperm can provide an effective infertility treatment option. With egg or sperm donation, couples who are experiencing male or female factor infertility can begin or expand their families. Because donor services are an important component of our practice, we work with reputable egg donor and sperm donor agencies so that patients can choose from anonymous potential donors, or they can use a known donor.

Donor Services Lead to Successful Pregnancies

In addition, Dr. Douglas has particular skill and experience with egg donation and in-vitro fertilization, which enables IVF Plano to maintain high pregnancy success rates. During this process, Dr. Douglas will help you and your partner determine whether egg or sperm donation could help create your family.

To learn more about donor services, contact our Plano fertility clinic.