Coping with the Fertility Two-Week Wait

by | May 31st, 2011

Undergoing infertility treatment to conceive a child can feel stressful and overwhelming. One particularly difficult part of the process is the two weeks between the embryo transfer and the pregnancy test you will take at the fertility clinic to confirm the success or failure of the cycle. Although any woman trying to get pregnant must wait out the time between ovulation and implantation, fertility patients and their partners often experience even higher levels of anxiety as they consider whether the cycle worked, if they want to try again, and the costs involved in these choices.


Tips for Survival

The following hints can help you keep your sanity and stay productive until the two weeks has passed.

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Don’t look for signs

Every extra potty break, weird craving or wave of nausea is not necessarily an indication of pregnancy. Assuming that these little quirks signify a baby on the way can lead to major disappointment for you and your partner. Often, the hormones present for any two-week wait cause the symptoms you feel, so take these experiences with a grain of salt.


Stay Busy

Finding meaningful distractions while you wait can help time pass quickly, or at least not seem to move so slowly. Use this opportunity to schedule an evening with the girls, plan a date night with your partner, or finish a house project you have put on hold. Whatever activity you choose can help take your mind off the two-week wait.


Give yourself permission to obsess

Though it may sound crazy, giving yourself a specific time once or twice a day to think about potential signs of pregnancy or whether you should try again if this cycle fails will actually keep you from feeling anxious and distracted the rest of the day. During your “crazy time,” feel free to count the days until your pregnancy test or read other women’s experiences on various fertility blogs.


Lean on friends and family

Having people to turn to as you deal with infertility will give you strength and support throughout your journey as well as during the waiting period. Online forums, local infertility groups, and a strong network of friends can help you find a safe place to share as you cope with your fertility struggles.


Avoid home pregnancy tests

Because in-vitro fertilization (IVF) therapy requires the use of various hormones, including the ones produced during pregnancy, any home test you take won’t generate accurate results. A false positive or false negative will only cause you more distress, so don’t waste your time or money on drugstore pregnancy tests.


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