Clomid: Your “Secret Weapon” for Ovulation?

by | July 16th, 2013

How Clomid Works

If you and your partner just can’t seem to start a family, enhanced ovulatory cycles might be the answer — and that means Clomid might be the product you’ve been waiting for.

How does Clomid work?

This oral medication does its job by working on your hypothalamus. This part of the brain controls a great many hormonal functions, including those involved in ovulation. Clomid stimulates the release of two essential hormones, follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone, to give your ovulatory cycle a boost.

We recommend it to women who suffer from irregular ovulation because it can help create a steadier, more predictable cycle for “clocking” those fertile days, either for natural conception or insemination. It can also tip the balance in cases of idiopathic infertility, where both partners are physically fine and yet conception just seems to elude them.

Here are some other basic facts you should know about Clomid:

  • It’s inexpensive. Clomid usually costs only $10 or so per cycle.
  • It’s safe when taken as prescribed. We recommend limiting its use to 6 ovulatory cycles.
  • Possible side effects may include changes in sleep pattern or mood, hot flashes or bloating as your ovaries become stimulate to ramp up their performance.
  • It can cause multiple pregnancy. Research indicates that your chance of having twins may be up to 8 percent higher than the norm.
  • Women beginning a course of Clomid have an 80 percent chance of ovulation within 90 days, and a 1-in-2 chance of becoming pregnant within 6 months.

Is Clomid Right for You?Clomid appears to be especially helpful for women over 35, but certain pre-existing health conditions might make it an unwise choice for you. Schedule a consultation with IVF Plano to learn whether Clomid is right for you.

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