IVF Plano IVF Success Rates

Our IVF Success Rates Result from Exceptional Fertility Treatment

Dr. James Douglas and our staff take pride in the high success rates that we are able to maintain at our fertility practice. We are happy to share our pregnancy statistics with the goal of offering accurate information to our patients.

Our pregnancy success rates are compiled annually by the Presbyterian ARTS Department and are reported in conjunction with other area fertility clinics in combined lab statistics. You can review the combined stats of all centers using Presbyterian ARTS Department on the Society for Assisted Reproduction (SART) web site.

To view the separate stats reported for James Douglas, MD please use the statistic tables below.

Understanding IVF Success Rates and Statistics

As you look at this data, it is important to consider how these numbers are created.

When you look at a clinic’s success rates, you want to ensure that the numbers are representative of the right information. Various factors should go into the statistics, including pregnancy versus life birth rates; age bracket successes; control of multiples; and donor egg success rates.

As you consider fertility clinics, remember that every clinic is different in the way that they practice fertility treatment and it may be very difficult to evaluate the reported numbers to truly have an accurate comparison between clinics.

Plano Presbyterian ARTS, our lab has 20 years of IVF Experience

For over 10 years, we have partnered with Plano Presbyterian ARTS Department, a laboratory respected nationally for its exemplary work. Dr. Douglas combines his advanced training with its top-notch facilities to help Plano and Dallas-area couples have the families they want. The following statistics include our success rates as well as those of other clinics that work with the Plano Presbyterian ARTS Department.

Deciding to pursue infertility treatment is a personal decision that requires research and thoughtful consideration. We encourage you to evaluate the IVF success rate data as well as read through our patient testimonials so that you can decide whether pursing in-vitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), egg donation,intrauterine insemination (IUI) or other treatments at IVF Plano is the right way for you to begin or expand your family.

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*Because the medical characteristics of patients and approaches to treatment vary from clinic to clinic, comparing success rates from our Plano and Dallas area fertility center to other practices may not be meaningful.