Fertility Success Stories Begin at IVF Plano

Dr. Jim Douglas and the team at our Plano fertility center take pride in the numerous healthy families that we have helped create. The smiling, healthy babies and their ecstatic parents are the best reward for our work. We have designed this page to showcase happy endings that are well within reach.

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Doing a little web-browsing FOR FERTILITY CLINICSInfertility impacts approximately 1 in 7 couples, and we know that this situation can cause you to feel frustrated and disillusioned. Physical irregularities, hormonal imbalances and age can make conception difficult. With the help of leading-edge technology, Dr. Douglas can typically identify the causes of female and male factor infertility. After completing a thorough fertility evaluation, Dr. Douglas will review the results in detail and recommend the best course of treatment.


Light in the Darkness

In many cases, therapies such as fertility medication, intrauterine insemination and in-vitro fertilization (IVF) will result in fertility success stories. Roughly 80 percent of patients who work with an infertility specialist will conceive a child.

Dr. Douglas has provided advanced infertility treatment in the Plano and Dallas areas for more than 20 years and has hundreds of success stories he can share to encourage you. The team at IVF Plano is committed to offering our patients quality care, compassion and unwavering support as they travel this difficult road.

We know that struggling to conceive is a painful, seemingly endless process, but we want to offer Plano and Dallas-area couples hope. Please take some time to view our patient videos and testimonials below to see why we work tirelessly to resolve infertility. You can also check out our pregnancy success rates and find out why we are recognized as one of the leading fertility centers in the nation.

Don’t abandon your goal of welcoming a baby into your family. Contact our office to learn more about infertility treatment and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Douglas.


Watch IVF Plano patients talk about their personal infertility stories

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What our Plano Fertility Patients are saying…

Dear Dr. Douglas & Team, We would like to start off by thanking you all for the support and the help you gave us during our journey with you. We have been blessed with two beautiful babies that we could not have received without everything you and your team did. After the first meeting with you at your office we knew there was a plan for us to follow. Even when we felt failures in the plan you assured us that everything is fine and we are still tracking down to success. During our time at your practice your staff always welcomed us and made us feel supported during our challenging journey. There was never a time where you allowed our doubts and fears, about not becoming pregnant to stop us from fulfilling our dream. We know that our time there seemed a lot longer than others, but every time we had questions or concerns you and your team took time time to stop, answer our questions, and make sure we were ok before allowing us to leave. We thank you for that, because there was so much unknown that we went through and without your support we would have gone crazy with questions. Thank you for the opportunity you gave us and the ability to become parents of two beautiful babies. Thank you. ~ Ken & Chris

After visiting another fertility doctor in Fort Worth for three failed IUI cycles, I decided I needed a second opinion when that doctor began suggesting IVF as my only option for conception. I wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge costing thousands of dollars and undergo invasive procedures if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. I met with Dr Douglas at IVF Plano, and he was very attentive and explanatory. He answered all of my questions, and we went forward with a fourth IUI cycle. He included extra tests, and we found out what the problem was…I wasn’t releasing an egg. He prescribed different medications for the fifth try and it worked. Well, I released an egg anyway, but still no pregnancy. The sixth IUI cycle was the charm. Thanks to Dr Douglas and his amazing team, I am happy to say that I am currently 11 weeks pregnant with our little miracle baby! I didn’t have to go through unnecessary IVF cycles to make it happen. I could not have asked for a more supportive, organized, and knowledgeable team of doctors, nurses, and office staff at the facility. They were wonderful in helping us through this tough time in life. We will forever be grateful to them for their help. I would recommend IVF Plano to anyone who is having trouble conceiving a child. This is the place you want to be and can trust. You will be in great hands. ~JDS/RMD

John & I want to thank you for your incredible care during our infertility treatment. After all that we had been through in Houston – two surgeries, three IUIs, three IVFs & two doctors – we were so grateful that you saw that there was still hope for us to conceive. We are overjoyed that I carried a pregnancy to term & had a precious baby boy, Jack. He is such a little miracle and although we give all the credit to God, you all still played a significant role in the process. We are hoping to start the FET process in the next few months so we will be in touch. Nancy, many thanks for your comprehensive & compassionate care. Gratefully~ Courtney, John and baby Jack

A HEARTFELT thank you for the outstanding care I have received at your office. What an amazing office and special group of people! The competency, professionalism and compassion displayed by each one of you during each of my many visits was absolutely incredible. My disappointment and frustration as always calmed by your compassion and caring and my doubt was consistently challenged by support and reassurance. My Joy was celebrated by all. I thank you for this. ~ Kellie A.

Dr. Douglas is very thoughtful and straightforward with his clients. He is not there to “pad his stats” or give false hope. I appreciated his honesty and sincerity. I have recommended him to many others.

I have been through four IVF and IVF/ICSI cycles w/Dr. Douglas’s office. One cycle was successful, but resulted in miscarriage. The staff is very caring and understanding of my emotional needs. Dr. Douglas is very honest and does not attempt to give me “false hope”. I truly appreciate his staff. I will use this office again.

I love this doctor, but more so I love his office staff. They are the nicest people you’d ever want to meet, they are very helpful, non-judgmental and they were very patient with me, even though I am not the easier person to deal with. Dr. Douglas has great stats for getting his patients pregnant, also.

Dr. James Douglas is an amazing Doctor to work with. He and his staff make you feel so welcome and will help and answer any questions you have at any time, as many times. Getting your sonograms is also a great experience. The staff take such great care of you and always make sure you are comfortable with everything you are there to do. I was so happy to be apart of the team and look forward to going back for our second child. I was referred by and friend and now have referred so many others to them. It was a 30-40 minute drive for me every time I went and I would of driven 2 hours if that’s how far it was. I felt like family there and highly, HIGHLY recommend this office and staff. AMAZING!!!! 

We absolutely love IVF Plano. We were a “tough case,” but Dr. Douglas did not give up on us. Everyone we know who has been to the clinic now has children…including us! We feel so blessed that Dr. Douglas was able to help us have our precious babies. 

We had an outstanding experience at IVF Plano. Not only was the practice very professional by being prompt about appointment times but also with providing information about insurance issues. In addition, we felt as though our cycle was managed with a thoughtful eye and there was a sincere interest in providing us the best possible care. At no time did we feel as though we were “just another case”. A nurse was available to answer extra questions any time we called and we felt as though our complicated situation (used a surrogate) was addressed beyond our expectations. This was our third experience with an R.E. practice but the only practice where we felt we were provided the best possible care. IVF Plano is in a category all it’s own. 

I already had a total of four IUIs there. Everything is systematic there and works smoothly. Nurses and the sonogram technician are highly qualified professionals.

Dr. Douglas and his staff are wonderful people. Not only are they nice and great to work with, during your time with them you start to feel like family. Dr. Douglas is a straight shooter and doesn’t lead you to false hopes and I love that about him. Thank you for my little miracle! 

Dr. Douglas and his staff are efficient, respectful and wonderful. I was treated with excellent service and care. I could not be happier. I had answers within just 30 days, and within no time we had a plan to treat my condition. I have been amazed with the results! We are expecting our daughter in just a few month and everything is perfect. Thank you so much Dr. Douglas!!! 

Excellent, compassionate care by the whole staff!! Someone was always available to answer questions and address concerns. They walked you through the entire infertility treatment process. We felt like everyone truly cared about us.