4 Fertility Boosters for a Happier Holiday

by | December 17th, 2013

‘Tis the Season to Be…Fertile?

24142373_sIf you’ve been trying to start a family, be aware that even the most joyous holiday season can pose potential challenges to your fertility. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple steps you can take to maintain your reproductive well-being during this time of year.

Here are four tips from your friends at IVF Plano:

1. Maintain a healthy diet. Do what you can to curb your urge to feast on fatty entrees, sugary sweets and other holiday indulgences. Remember, anything that stresses the body can make fertility more challenging. Eat normal portions, resist seconds, and make sure you’re getting your vitamins and minerals.

2. Be of non-alcoholic good cheer. It’s hard to resist the occasional champagne toast or wine with dinner during the festive season, but like smoking, alcohol can reduce your chances for conception. Keep plenty of non-alcoholic cider on hand — you’ll also need it to celebrate your pregnancy!

3. Don’t smoke. If holiday stresses make you want to reach for a cigarette, stop. Smoking has been found to contribute to lower sperm motility, decline on egg quality and cervical cancer. Stay away from second-hand smoke as well.

4. Bust that holiday stress. If shopping, relatives and sending out zillions of cards tend to tighten your nerves, head that holiday stress off at the pass through natural stress relief methods. Enjoy a soothing massage, take up yoga, experiment with acupuncture, or just work it off through exercise. And get plenty of sleep if you want Santa to show up with an extra-special present this year.

Our Holiday Wish for You

We wish you the very happiest and healthiest of holiday seasons. Remember: We’re here to answer your questions and dispense friendly advice as needed. Contact IVF Plano with any questions about holiday reproductive health!

Want more information on Stress and Infertility? Check out the ASRM fact sheet.

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